Nim is a concept label, founded by Elyse Middleton, built on the fundamental idea of 'less is more'. A growing collection of universal pieces, with an emphasis on minimalism and versatility, brought to life with a bold and unique aesthetic.

From a background in graphic designer and a love for fashion and the minimalist wardrobe, Elyse wanted to build a collection of pieces that encapsulate her own philosophy on fashion; Purchasing only pieces you absolutely love, make you feel comfortable and confident and that are above all - versatile. Versatility is often overlooked, especially in the age of fast fashion, but we believe it is an integral part of moving towards more sustainable and conscious consumption.  


We are committed to constantly learning and evolving to ensure we are having a positive impact and leaving as little footprint as possible.

Our Bucket Bags are made from 100% EVA foam. An environmentally friendly material free from BPA, chlorides, heavy metals, phenols, latex and other toxic substances. EVA is also extremely durable and long lasting, super easy to clean and waterproof. We also ship our products completely plastic free, with minimal packaging using only recycled, compostable and biodegradable materials.